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Turn your readers into listeners.
For free.

Listencat lets publishers and bloggers convert their content into natural, human speech audio articles.

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The robotic voice used in most TTS plugins

Natural sounding voice with Listencat

What people say?

I have tried a lot of TTS voices. Come across a couple that caught my attention enough to tinker with them for a little bit. But this one, I'm going to utilize for a while. I listened to the voices and one not only caught my attention, but absolutely amazed me. If you have not checked this plugin and its voices out yet, I highly recommend that you do.
Shaun Holt
I was blown away. I got it set up on a blog that I publish and I am just astounded at the quality of the voices I can choose from. Besides being able to listen to articles on our site, it adds a dimension for accessibility that we could never have come up with on our own.
Chris Malone

Readers expect audio

Readers no longer are able to digest long form articles uninterrupted, resulting in drop in visitor engagement. Meanwhile, they are flocking to audio content, spending four hours a day listening. Don’t miss out on audio growth. Make your content accessible on the go – on the commute or in the gym – with text to speech audio versions that sound like a human voice.​

Consumers who listen to online audio content weekly, %

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Instantly convert content to natural speech

Simply embed our JavaScript code on your website or use our the Listencat text to speech WordPress plugin, and it will automatically add audio versions of your articles.

Drive visits and engagement

Listening to text to speech articles increases the time spent on the website by more than five times directly affecting bounce rates. This improves your SEO ranking, thus attracting more visitors and subscribers.

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Turn your readers into listeners

Listencat automated text to speech software lets you drive your engagement by turning your WordPress content into natural, human speech audio articles.​