Audio articles for your blog.

For free.

Natural sounding speech

Listencat lets bloggers and publishers convert their content into natural, human speech audio. We offer a variety of voices in 30+ languages including English, French, Spanish, Portuguese.

Easy setup - no coding skills required

It takes a minute to install the WordPress plugin or adding the code snipped to your website. No coding skills required. The player will seamlessly integrate in your articles with a seamless website reading experience.

Straightforward analytics

Gain insight into how your audience is engaging with your content - see which articles perform better, and how your user engagement, retention and time on site is improving over time.


What is the pricing for Listencat?

Listencat is 100% free for publishers and blog owners. You can convert unlimited articles per month.

Will ListenCat slow down my website?

No, Listencat is purposefully built for speed and security. We have developed the back end engine to handle millions of concurrent visits and ensure Listencat does not affect your website performance.

How easy is it to set up?

It takes a minute to install the WordPress plugin. You can follow our step by step instructions here for WordPress plugin, or here if it is not a WordPress site. But in case you hit a roadblock, reach out to us and we will help you sort it out.

Can I choose the voice of the narrator?

Yes, you can choose both language and voice of the narrator via the settings section in your Listencat account.

Which languages do you offer?

We support various languages, but mainly our customers request English, French, Spanish, and Portuguese. Let us know what language you require, and we will revert back shortly.

How does the audio sound?

The Listencat audio sounds more natural than other text-to-speech systems, because it synthesizes speech with human-like emphasis and inflection on syllables and words.

More questions?

Want to know more how Listencat can help drive engagement and visits to your website? Check out our knowledge base or contact us!

Turn your readers into listeners. For free.

Listencat automated text to speech software lets you drive your engagement by turning your blog content into natural, human speech audio articles.